Coached Studio Shoot

Getting started...

It doesn't matter if you are just looking for the experience, want to find out if it's the right thing for you to do, or are seriously interested in modeling and want to pursue your dream, a coached studio shoot is the best way to get things started before working on conceptual, editorial and fashion shoots. I have worked with a lot of models of all levels of experience, many of them started their modeling career with our shoots or got their first tear-sheets (publication) with our shoots. Many of them were nervous, excited, shy, insecure when they entered the studio door, but all of them left the shoot with a boost of self confidence - and cool pictures.

These coached shoots are no free passes into modeling, no front-of-the-line tickets. It is solely up to you, how serious you are to continue working in this industry, which is one of the toughest industries - especially emotional. Your way will be paved with tears, sweat, emotions, rejections, jealousy and every other negative word you can think of. You will see other people getting there where you want to be or you believe you should be, you will have people telling you 'you are not good enough' and 'you will never make it', people will talk negative about you, people will be straight forward with you, people will be fake, people will hate you, and your 'friends' will talk behind your back. And it will be a long way until you get the modeling gigs that pay your bills. You will have to be strong enough to deal with rejections, emotions and fake people. The most important thing: you will have to believe in yourself. Having family and friends that support you will definitely help.

The era of the 1990's supermodels is long gone and TV shows such as America's Next Top model and similar casting shows may give you a vague impression of a glamorous model life but as with any casting show, candidates who didn't experience the 'working their way up the hard way' with shoots and runway events get thrown in front of TV cameras, have to eat spiders or other unrealistic things, hang from ropes, get a jump start into modeling and if they are lucky will get a modeling contract. Yes, these are the lucky ones. How many of these lucky ones will survive over the years? Do you still remember their names? If not, it was most likely that it wasn't their dream to become a model in the first place, it was 'just a cool thing to do'. 

The 1990's supermodels and the majority of today's famous models didn't go thru casting shows, they were discovered.

And that's how models are born (...unless you have a celebrity name).

Here is an overview on what you expect when booking

A Coached Studio Shoot

Usually before we meet for the shoot we will discuss last minute questions thru email, facebook, text  or by phone. These are most likely questions in regards to wardrobe, hair, make-up, location, date and time.

I am fully aware that most of the models that book coached shoots are people with no or only a bit of experience, so there's no reason to apologize that 'this is the first shoot'. That's what the shoot is for. I also recommend to models that are not agency signed models or models with less experience that are interested to shoot with me, to go thru a coached studio shoot first before we hit the location. This will definitely benefit the outcome of the pictures of the fashion, editorial, etc shoot because during the shoot both of us (the model and myself) will know how to work with each other. I know what to expect from the model and the model knows what to expect from me - the photographer.

For these coached studio shoots - unless anything else has been agreed on - the model will be responsible for their own wardrobe, hair and make-up for the shoot. So the model should come 'shoot ready' with make-up applied and hair ready for the shoot. For these coached shoots, natural make-up and hair works best. Please bring in some powder/foundation to touch up during the shoot. Usually models know somebody that does their hair and make-up, or do it themselves. There's also the option to get the hair and make-up done in the studio either by the model or a professional MUA (Make-Up Artist) and Hair Stylist. In this case, usually an additional fee for the artist applies.

I usually ask the models to bring in a few sets of clothes they like to wear during this shoot. So bring enough clothes we can work with. If possible bring some urban, street-wear, fashion outfits and limit your princess/pageant/prom wardrobe to a minimum of zero. There is also a limited assortment of clothes - usually used for conceptual shoots - in the studio that we can use for one or two of the looks we shoot. 

After the meet and greet, the model - and the model's parent if the model is under the age of 18 - will have to sign a Shoot Contract/MRF (Model Release Form) - this is a standard form but mandatory to be filled out and signed. It outlines the use of the pictures for both parties.

If the model is under the age of 18 a parent/legal guardian has to be present during the duration of the shoot. If the model is 18 or older now is the time to tell your designated driver, escort, body guard or whatever you call it good bye and to pick you up in 2 or 3 hrs - unless something else has been agreed on.

Next step would be to browse thru the clothes and mix and match the outfits for the different looks. We will go thru up to 3 looks during these coached shoots, with the first 2 looks whatever the model prefers and the last look a bit more on the conceptual side.

Please also refer to the Model FAQ for further information on shoots


The first modeling picture of Arianna


and the first modeling picture of Johnny

taken during the light checks at the beginning of the coached shoot. This was the first modeling shoot for both of the teens from the Chicago suburbs.

When multiple model shoots get booked such as the case with Arianna and Johnny, I usually spend time with each one of the models during individual shoot sessions before we get both together into group shoots. 

The following images were taken half way thru the shoot at the end of the shooting of  the first look.

A second shoot one week later landed both of them a spread in "Model Magazine" / "Child Model Magazine"

Rates start at $150 / model, inquire rates for multiple models

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Includes the shoot and a set of images (proofs) of the shoot that can be used based on the shoot contract (portfolio build, social media, etc), high resolution prints can be purchased thru the professional online lab.

If interested simply process a deposit and contact to schedule date/time for the shoot.

Tri-tra-trullala, Models: Arianna and John McNamara, Hair and Make-Up: Melissa Ann, Photographer: Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, Chicago, Illinois USA, VOGUE Italia

Tri-tra-trullala, Models: Arianna and John McNamara, Hair and Make-Up: Melissa Ann, Photographer: Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, Chicago, Illinois USA, VOGUE Italia