"Inner Beauty doesn't get you anywhere in this Industry. Personality is what counts."

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"It's all about the power to freeze a Moment in Time for Eternity..."

                                                                                         Jerry, A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography

It was probably the many hours I spent with my dad, an amateur photographer, in his dark room watching him  turning plain white paper into wonderful pictures using a 'light machine' and some  fluids in colored trays. There was magic in this room behind the always closed door. I remember the dimmed red light, the film rolls, the developed negative films hanging on clothespins and the many wet photos posted on the tile walls until dry. And when you were very very quiet and hold your breath you could actually watch the white paper in the fluid trays slowly coming to life when turning into a wonderful black and white photo... a photo that captured A MOMENT IN TIME         



I still remember my dad's over-sized NY PHOTO ACADEMY books from the sixties that I browsed thru many times when I was a kid. Since I am not native English, the descriptive words didn't make too much sense. So I focused on the pictures. Now, I have these occasional deja-vu's that remind me of one of these photos and I try to build a story around it.


Although I am addicted to Street Photography, I very much like to shoot people with a focus on vintage photography of the 60's and the early 70's, I like provocative shots, pictures that tell a story, images that fascinate the viewer to look at them again.

Favorite photographers...

I like Peter Lindbergh's work. I will not post a quote. I don't event know if he has quotes. I don't like photographers because of what they said. I like them because of their images. Actually I like the images, and respect the photographers.

Favorite Designer...

Alexander McQueen

First Photo...

I believe this was either a photo of my mom or my grandma in front of a cake at my first communion. I got my very first camera that day. A Kodak Instamatic with a few flash cubes. The film with the 12 exposures lasted 2 minutes or so. Not sure what I liked more, freezing a moment on film or triggering the flashes. I believe it was the power to do both. The pictures were ... actually pretty close to my style today. Now that I think about it, I am not too sure if that's a good thing.

First Award...

I won my first award a few years later. I think it was a school project. I took two photos of a peacock showing his tail feathers in the zoo. One from the front, one from the back. I was the proud owner of my dad's SLR for one day. A Miranda with a 36 exposures film. I don't remember what exactly made my dad giving it to me that day, but I do remember the detailed 101 on how to try to get that line positioned in the center of the circle before triggering the shutter, that I almost missed my bus - something I never really understood, especially since it always moved when I moved the camera. In the zoo I spent more time making sure the camera stayed safe and getting that line adjusted to the circle than being able to enjoy the animals.
When I got the developed photos back a few days later I stuck both photos of the peacock together with adhesive and it made it. No cropping or post processing back in the days, everything fit together nicely. Okay, the peacock looked into different directions in the pictures. But - the jury must have thought it was edgy.

Anything else...

Always believe in what you are doing, even if you are the only one believing in you. Stand by your style, use other photographer's work as inspiration but never try to copy them - you will fail. Know the rules of photography and break them.


"...wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I've enjoyed perusing your work!."
Tilde, Photographer from Delmarva, USA

"Saw your pics loved them..."
Monika Gupta, Photographer

"Your B&W's are exceptional. Great tonal quality"
George Papachristou, Photographer

"I really like the quality of your shots and all your imaginative composition"
Phil, Photographer from Sausset les Pins, France

"Wonderful! Like so often here, love your world"
Karine, Photographer from Paris, France

"Fabulous Mood, between Scorcese and Tarantino....."
Steed, Photographer from France

"Jerry, you're walking on Peter Lindbergh's road"
Steed, Photographer from France

"...these are powerful, striking images."
Ted, Photographer from South Wales, United Kingdom

"Magazine worthy"
Paldino, Photographer from Fort Myers, United States

"...you are masterful in bringing out the beauty of your models with unique looks that work."
David Jeffries, Photographer

"Thank you so much for today! I look forward to working again with you asap!"
Jaclyn Sam, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2568340

"Your work is very stunning, I'd love to work with you!"
Cassidy Sachie Gravitt, Model, Hawaii, USA MM#2646989

"Thank you for the wonderful shoot with a BLOODY good ending"
Jenny Lynn, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2366286

"Jerry, I think you are an absolutely fantastic photographer!  You have marvelous ideas for photo shoots, locations, props, and the overall feel of the set.  It is an honor to work with you and thank you for capturing magnificent 'moments in time!'  I will enjoy them for the rest of my life."
Betsy, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2569857

"I had a fantastic time shooting with you today!"
Shweta Jay, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2619145

"Jerry it was such a pleasure to shoot with you.  You're easy to work with and incredibly professional and organized.  Although we had a long day, it was fine! I'm sure we got a ton of great imagery! To be honest you're probably my favorite photographer to work with so far!"
Joy Lynh Matmanivong, Make-Up Artist, Elgin, IL, USA MM# 2648266

"Jerry, I really enjoyed our shoot yesterday. You had some great ideas for the studio shots, and I love the results. And, even though it was 101 degrees outside, the Mustang shots were very cool! I love those too. Thanks for being professional, easy going, and a pleasure to work with. Hope to do it again."
Barb, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2651432

"...thanks for shooting with me it was a great experience."
Katy Massey, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2473501

"WOW these are AWESOME!!!"
Claudine, Professional Agency represented commercial print Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 525637

"This is so awesome, I like all your works Jerry"
Moein, Photographer from Tehran, Iran

"... my wife saw me looking at your model and hit me with a plunger ..."
J.R., Photographer from Urasoe City, Japan

"I enjoy looking at your work. Cheers!"
Theresa Manchester, Model, L.A., USA

"We always create the best images. So much fun working with you today!"
Shweta Jay, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2619145

"Seriously, if you need a photographer, hire A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography. We had a great time today."
Jessica Thompson, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2679392

"Thanks for a fun shoot."
Mahja Sulemanjee, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"I had a blast shooting with you and cannot wait until our next shoot. You are one of the most passionate photographers I have worked with and I thank you so much for letting me work with you."
Amber Skyiler, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2337715

"Had so much fun! Thanks for the wonderful experience!"
Ariel Candide, Model and Actor, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2773975

"Did a real cool shoot with an awesome photographer."
Mahja Sulemanjee, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"OMG!! I love this set of pics even more than the last set! You really know how to work the camera .... I'd like to work with you again. Lots of fun."
Alaur Faulk, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"It was a pleasure working with you recently. Thank you for being professional, organized, creative and cool. Look forward to collaborating again."
Milian Bonillo, Hair and Make-Up Artist, Chicago, IL, USA

"A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography - The Best Time I've Had."
Michelle Rodriguez, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Jerry!!! I LOVE LOVE working with you! So much fun :) I wish we could shoot everyday. thank you for a wonderful shoot again."
Amber Skyiler, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2337715

"Thank you for your professionalism and a great shoot! I loved working with you and your eye. Very much looking forward to shooting again as well. Really great work! Best, Jae"
Jae Jarvis, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 716868

"Thank you again for another awesome shoot. .... Hope to work with you again."
Michelle Rodriguez, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"I was very nervous about going to Jerry's studio because hedoes not allow escorts, but after I got a chance to sit down and talk with himI understood his reasons for not allowing extra people. Jerry showed me hisstudio and it was very legit. I also signed some release forms too. After allof that was done, I showed him my outfits. Jerry made me feel extremelycomfortable by giving me personal space. He did not stick around to watch mechange, make me do things I was not comfortable with, and he would noteven fix my hair if it was standing up! That shows he is a very respectful man/photographer. During the shoots I had fun! He is a great photographer and heknows his work. I honestly cannot wait until the next time we work together. Heis an AWESOME person! Plus, he is highly talented. I most definitely recommendworking with him, BUT you must be passionate about modeling because he ispassionate about his work!"
Kesha, Model, Chicago, IL, USA MM# 2732374

"Fantastic concepts, I love that you think out of the box."
Christy Yarbrough, Photographer, Huntsville, AL, USA, MM# 2774998

"I wish you were in LA as well! Your work is fantastic!!"
Olivia Preci, Actress and Print Model, L.A., Cal, USA, MM# 866532

"LOVED working with you! You are the BOMB DIGGITY!!! Lets do another shoot SOON!!"
Madi Cole, Model, Miss Midwest Teen, Chicago, IL, USA

"So moody and surreal. Love your work."
Goddess Narcissa, Model, New York, NY, USA

"Jerry the pictures look AMAZING! so glad we got to work together!"
Gavriella Brimm, Make-Up Artist, Chicago, IL, USA

"LOVE your work!"
Nicole Guibord, Model, Michigan, USA

"Thank you so much! Comments coming from a truly talented individual like yourself puts a great smile on my face. It is often the most talented people that are the most modest and generous to others. Your portfolio is alike few others on MM. It is filled with originality, personality and charm. Maybe we can shoot some day, at your place or the Netherlands ..."
Bert Schaeffer, Professional Photographer, Netherlands

"Your photos are amazing...I am very impressed!"
Jojo Sayson, Founder and President, Project Michelangelo, Chicago, Illinois USA

Gary Yallelus, Photographer, Always Great Photography, Chicago, Illinois USA

"Thank you A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography for the picture! It is stunning! ... and I can't wait to shoot with you again! It was awesome meeting you!"
Stephani Bakus, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"I had a great time shooting with you!! Very professional and fun to work with."
Carmen Rouge, Model, Chicago, USA

"Thomas H P Jerusalem is the photographer and he is absolutely amazing, if anyone is looking for a photo shoot we highly recommend him!!! he really has a passion for his work and it shows!!"
Karla Reiss-Sitko, Owner, Claudia's Closet, St. Charles, IL, USA

"Jerry can make it happen! Money can Not buy confidence but seeing herself in a magnificent photo shoot will boost her ego and make her feel like a million bucks! Thank you Jerry for following your dream! Your work proves it!"
Beverly Church Reiss Schuler, Owner, Claudia's Closet, St. Charles, IL, USA 

"Thank you! I had so much fun today even though it was cold. I am very interested in working with you again..."
Claudia Sitko, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"I cannot wait to do many more photo shoots with you! Thanks so much for these opportunities! It means so much."
Daniela Nicole, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Can't wait to shoot with you."
Sherrie Gearheart, Miss Southern Illinois, Model, Editor Tiara Magazine, Chicago, IL, USA

"I am in love with your work, do you ever come to the Detroit area?"
Nicole Guibord, Model, Michigan, USA

"You're my favorite photographer"
Carmen Rouge, Model, Chicago, USA

"Your photographs are absolutely stunning! Rich, magical, interesting images that truly tell a story. I truly hope we can collaborate on an upcoming project! Thanks, Samantha"
Samantha Kellogg, Model, Chicago, USA

"Thomas H P Jerusalem, you are the most awesome person ever! You are an amazing photographer ever and I cannot wait for our photo shoot this weekend! I love how much you've believed in through all of this and taught me all of the things that I know about modeling. Thanks again !"
Daniela Kapusta, Model, Chicago, USA

"All the fun in the world !! Thanks Jerry - fun shoot yesterday!!!"
Helen Caldwell, Model, Chicago, USA

"I had a great time! Thanks for making my first shoot so fun! You where great and thanks for making me comfortable!"
Martina, Model, Chicago, USA

"Thank you so much--the photos turned out amazing. I can't wait for our next shoot! :)"
Stephani Bakus, Model, Fashion Writer, Chicago, USA

"... for sure, coolest ever! Looking forward to future projects Thomas H P Jerusalem = ) THANK YOU!!!!"
Sherrie Gearheart, Model, Miss Southern Illinois, Chicago, USA

"Not only was he super professional but he is a fantastic photographer! he loves what he does and is good at it. It was only my third photo-shoot and I was comfortable and I actually learned a couple things I didn't know! I really appreciate Jerry and I would go back again!"
J Monroe, Model, Chicago, USA

Mario the Hat, Big Band Singer, California, USA

"...beyond amazing!!!"
Dawn Hoff Jaeckels Suppinger, Make-Up Artist/Hair Stylist, Chicago, USA

"Can't wait for my next shoot with you !! You're amazing ..."
Alexis Loiacono, Model, Chicago, USA

"...Thanks again so much you did a beautiful job and I'd love to work with you again!"
Giana Casale, Jazz Singer, Chicago, USA

"That is absolutely amazing - very surreal!... His work absolutely takes my breath away! ... Vogue Italia worthy..."
Karen Muehlfelt, Chicago, USA

"... Jerry your work is exceptional! "
Libby Johnson, Chicago, USA

"...especially if I find artists such as yourself that are just so damn good!...and keep doing amazing work....not too many photographers can tell a story with one image."
Milew, Model, Chicago, IL USA

"Absolutely unreal. Amazing photography!"
Hannah Muehlfelt, Make-Up Artist/Stylist, Chicago, USA

"Such a fun shoot -- I can't wait to work with you again!!"
Stephani Bakus, Model, Chicago, USA

"I'm so lucky to work with such an awesome and talented photographer."
Dahlila Nunez, Model, Chicago, USA

"Wow! I feel so honored to be included in this prestigious international photography video. Jerry you are awesome and I want to thank you for being the talent behind this cool recognition. I know you are super busy but I cant wait to work with you again."
Dahlila Nunez, Model, Chicago, USA

"When Thomas H P Jerusalem says your photo is "Very Cool", and your me, a shameless self promoter, you share it. Kidding aside, if you haven't worked with Thomas, your missing out because he's brilliant."
Paul Allen, Photographer, Chicago, USA

"What a great shoot!"
Shotglass Sally, Model, Chicago, USA

"I just to want to express my gratitude for your invitation to the photo shoot that took place yesterday, September 30, 2013. As you know, this was my first time experience, so I did not know what to expect. I was very nervous and apprehensive about the entire process. To my biggest surprise and amazement, the shot turned out to be a stunning and remarkable experience for me. Not only did I have a lot of fun and truly enjoyed it, I discovered a new side in myself of being a potential model. The professionalism of Jerry certainly played an integral role in the entire shot. Not only was he able to emancipate me from all fear and hesitation, he managed to invoke and raise my self-esteem that enabled me to reveal new qualities in myself. He was patient, yet very encouraging, when working with me and saw my feminine beauty that he managed to capture in his photographs. I believe these are distinct qualities that separate a professional who is passionate about his trade from someone who just mechanically and routinely perform their daily work chores. Once again, I would like to graciously thank you for your consideration of my persona and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to work with your organization in the future as a runway and photo shoot model."
Oksana, Model, Chicago, USA

"Oh gosh the pictures are so awesome!!!!!!"
Alexis Hunter, Model, Chicago, USA

"Jerry, Thank you so much for taking really cool pictures of me!  I love that you are my photographer!!!  See you soon! ... Payton"
Payton Carroll, Model, Chicago, USA

"... They look FABULOUS!!!!!"
Robin, parent of Model, Chicago, USA

"What a fantastic photographer... "
Dominique Jirri, Model, Indianapolis, USA

"Thank you for the proofs. I really, really, really LOVE them!! ... your photog work is excellent!! ..."
Elenita EL, Model, Chicago, USA

"Omg do I live there? Jerry is amazing. Wow."
J., Real Estate Customer, Chicago Suburbs, USA

"... best photographer ever ! — "
Angela Friis, Make-Up Artist and parent of Model, Chicago, USA

"... you are Amazing to work with!!!!"
Amanda Marie Nilsen, Model, Chicago, USA

"... All aspiring models should contact Thomas H P Jerusalem. His work is cutting edge and unlike anything out there."
Laura Martinez, Model's mom, Chicago, USA

"So glad I got to work with you, you taught me alot.and it was so much fun!"
Joyce Swolley, Model, Chicago, USA

"You're my favorite person to shoot with!"
Sydney Stringfellow, Model, Chicago, USA

"Thank you Jerry! You are so talented!"
Anastasia Edwards, Actress and Model, Chicago, USA

"I'm thankful everyday for meeting Thomas H P Jerusalem. Without him I never would have gotten to have this experience, and my modeling career would be nonexistent. You're a great photographer, and I am honored to  work and model for you any time I get the chance. I ♥ you Jerry!"
Madison Rae, Model and Actress, Chicago, USA

"You are such an amazing photographer!. I just Love all the pictures. Starr can't wait to work with you again. Thank you so much !"
Oliviah Starr, Model, Ohio, USA

"Jerry! So great to meet you!! You're the best!! I can't wait to shoot again!!"
Dee Dee Le Fille, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"... one of the best photographers out there"
Taylor Ann, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"... thanks Jerry! You're the best"
Meaghan Elizabeth, Model, Wisconsin, USA

"Jerry is the Bom and the Best!"
Oliviah Starr, Model, Ohio, USA

"...You are beyond amazing!!! "
Dominique Jirri, Model, Indianapolis IN, USA
"Keep up the great work, you are breaking the mold of western suburb photographers!"
Mildew, Model, IL, USA

"... you are an amazing artist."
Lily Vasaelini of Vasaelini Collections, Designer, Dallas, TX, USA

"You are one of the most creative photographers that I have had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time. Enjoy looking at your work and often visit your site, just to see your latest artwork. ..."
Edward Dennis Fogell, Actor, Chicago, IL, USA

"I share this with you because of the great work that Thomas H P Jerusalem does behind each shoot. He gets a concept in mind, and builds a vision of how he wants it to look. Then he scouts out the perfect location. This one takes place in... Virgil, Illinois - somewhere further west than the furthest western suburb that I am familiar. It was situated in a farm, which was underwater just a couple of days before the shoot, which gave out this dirty water odor, trying to dry out. It was still a little damp there when we shot. This shot was supposed to have me throwing the sheet up above my head, get my hands to my side, let the sheet float naturally, and look blankly to his left....while ignoring the Mosquitos swarming around me (or him). Obviously, mission accomplished, right? Not quite, but Jerry received an approval from VOGUE ITALIA for them to use on their page. This watermark is truly earned by him and his creativity. And am honored to have been a part of this shoot. Thank you Aga Kaskiewicz for the great make up, which is covered by this perfectly thrown sheet!"
Helen G. Caldwell, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Your mind is twisted and i love it"
Taylor Ann, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Best shoot ever! ... thank you for being a kick ass photographer with great ideas!"
Tina Na, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Working with you today was AMAZING! I can't believe it took us this long to work together. Can't wait for future project"
Bernadette von Drachenberg, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Thomas H P Jerusalem you are a riot!!!"
Ana Garcia, Make-Up Artist/Stylist, Chicago, IL, USA
"... you're a bad ass photographer!"
Tina Na, Model, Chicago, IL, USA 

"Sitting down in a private session with Thomas H P Jerusalem is such a refreshing experience!! His guidance and coaching is unparalleled. Even I learnt a wealth of information today!! Ladies you need to book your session ASAP! Get the best consultation, coaching and advice from a qualified, gifted and talented, award winning published photographer!!! It is beyond worth it, you'll be glad you did!!"
Ana Garcia, Make-Up Artist/Stylist, Chicago, IL, USA

"Awesome photographer! Thomas H P Jerusalem always makes her pictures come out AMAZING!"
Angel Matney, Kid model mom, Chicago, IL, USA

Danielle Bateman, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"So after getting a taste of what Thomas is all about I wanted to go ahead and say I'm looking forward to working with you again. I've done many photoshoots before from High Fashion, to spending hours on a farm with animals haha and I can honestly say it's the crazy, insane photoshoots like yours that make me all warm inside. I love out of the ordinary shoots when creativity takes over and the mind is free to explore. Your shoots are some of the most unique I've seen and it was an Absolute pleasure being apart of our shoot this past Saturday. If you ever want to shoot, have an idea u want to explore please don't hesitate to ask. I love your imagination Jerry."
Nick Bravo, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"I appreciate everything that Thomas H P Jerusalem has done for me in helping me to become a successful model. Thank you so much Jerry! I couldn't have done it without him."
Daniela Nicole, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"You where just amazing jerry!"
Jorden Litton, Model, Chicago, IL, USA 

"WOW!... Jerry is UNBELIEVABLY Talented. Words can not described how wonderful his work is, he is very professional but beside that he is great to work with. He have such a wonderful personality and his work speaks for itself, what great work he does. Jerry made me feel so comfortable the moment we met and as if I knew him for years. My session was over 4 hours and I love every minute of it, the time went by so fast. I had enjoyed every interaction, getting pictures taken by him was exciting. The pictures came out fantastic and he captured so many unexpected moments. You would feel honored to have him take pictures of you. He created memories thru his eyes with his camera. Thank you for giving me great memories in pictures and in person."
Rebecca Nichols, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the coolest and most fun photo shoot ever! You truly are an artist and extremely talented. [...] You are just simply amazing Jerry!"
Kristi, Model Mom, Chicago, IL, USA

"He has a very hot accent to die for."
Rebecca, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"Your work is beyond words!!!!!"
C. Rinella Designs, HF Designer, Geneva, IL, USA

"I just want to say thank you! You are the best photog and your vision is amazing! Averey has so much with you and I hope we do a shoot again soon! Thanks Jerry, you are awesome!!"
Kristi, Model Mom, Chicago Suburbs, IL, USA
"Jerry you took such increadible pictures that day!! You truly brought out the soul and essence of my designs! I love them!! Thank you!!"
C. Rinella Designs, HF Designer, Geneva, IL, USA
"Everyone loves your pictures!"
Olga Ruda, Editor VS CHICAGO Magazine, Chicago, IL, USA

"You are the best photographer ever!"
Haley Rose, Model, Chicago, IL, USA

"You don't need luxurious things around you to take an excellent photography.... Anyone can take pictures with a good lens or an expensive camera but few people have that passion, talent and incredible creativity... this my friend... is what a real photographer makes!"
Random Feedback on Dark Beauty Magazine Shoot "The Girl with the long hair"

"My favorite thing about Thomas H P Jerusalem is that his pictures really make you think about the story behind them. This one makes me sad for the things that are unsaid..."
Lily Bickley, Model, Chicago IL USA about her image "The Last Day of Childhood"