Comp Card Shoot 

Beat the competition with 5 shots!

Images on Comp Cards need to show the models the way they are. Models need to have a natural appearance with a minimum on make-up showing life-style situations. A casting director inviting a model based on their comp card expects to see exactly the person entering the room who they know from the comp card. 

This also means - keep your comp card updated and in sync with your appearance. Chopping your long hair will require an updated comp card. Kids and teenagers 'growing out' of their comp card looks should get their comp card updated as well.

Make-Up Artist/Hair Stylist Ana Garcia, prepping model Bernadette von Drachenberg with a natural make-up for her comp card shoot. This is the second look we shot that day. 

The first look was taken in the studio. A studio shoot is a good way to warm-up and get used to working with each other, before hitting the location. 

For comp cards  - unless we are working on genre comp cards - conceptual images should be kept to an absolute minimum. Lifestyle situations is what we are going for in this shoot. We will work together to get you the shots that don't look staged and get your fake smile off your face.

Schedule half a day to a full day for a comp card shoot, this is nothing you want to do on the fly. We will work as long as it takes to get us the pictures we need. And we will make sure they rock!

We will shoot 4 - 7 looks in the studio as well as outdoors.

We will shoot full body, half and 3/4 body as well as head shots. Bring in several sets of clothes to chose from as well as several sets of shoes. We will shoot casual looks as well as business style looks.

Comp Cards for young teens should also include a 'kid style' look.

Check the FAQ page for more information on wardrobe.

Bernadette actively plays softball, that's why we decided to take one of the looks in her sports outfit. Bring in your gear and props we can use for the shoot.

For Bernadette's shoot we decided to get a bit more on the editorial side with one of the looks, posing with a 69 Mustang. 

This isn't the first image taken during a comp card shot that received a VOGUE Italia watermark. Obviously the final picture for the comp card was a more close up shot of the model.

It is mandatory that the front head shot of the comp card is showing an image that is eye catching and engaging. It should be natural and most of all - needs to 'kill it'. It needs to encourage the art or casting director to to turn the card around to learn more about this model. Basically a head shot that rocks.

Out of the images taken during the shoot, the photographer will suggest a set of images that will go on the front and the back of the comp card, showing a variety of looks of the model. The front will show a headshot, the back a selection of images with the various looks including at least one full body shot.

As with all images a good photographer takes, they need to tell a story. Every single one of them.

Model, friends, or family members should never get involved in the selection process of the images used for the comp card, since they are biased, but surely should have a final say on the selection and approval before the comp card goes to print. 

The final prints will be industry standard heavy card stock paper  8.5" x 5.5" double sided color high-resolution prints, with an expressive head shot and up to 5 images on the back, measurements, and contact details. 

You will also receive a set of digital images out of the shoot that can be used to build your portfolio.

So the package includes the shoot, professional Make-Up and Hair, 100 industry standard comp cards, set of images (proofs) of the shoot. Inquire about additional comp cards or the same layout, or comp card updates with new images. Additional High resolution prints of the shoot can be purchased thru the professional online lab. An additional coached shoot on discounted rate can be booked together with the Comp Card Shoot, this is especially beneficial for new models to get up to speed in a shoot prior to the comp card shoot, you will also receive images of this shoot for your portfolio.

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After deposit has bee processed, please contact to schedule your comp card shoot and beat the competition with a comp card that rocks.

What you will get

One on one photographer-model session in studio and on location. Some photographers tend to believe that comp cards can be done on the fly in group shoots trying to manage several models, these shoots are often lacking attention and the images will reflect this. Don't settle for senior portraits composed into comp cards. A comp card - besides tear sheets - is one of the most important prints that represents a model and needs to stand out. This shoot will start with a preparation and wardrobe discussion for the looks we will be shooting, followed by hair and (natural) make-up done by a professional Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist, coached studio shoot looks and shoots at several locations life-style. This shoot will last 1/2 day to a full day to get us the images that rock. If - due to weather conditions - outdoor shoots cannot be done at the shoot day, a second follow up shoot date will be scheduled at no charge to finish up the remaining looks.

Reasonable turnover time to get you the 100 comp card industry standard prints. Can be expedited if required. 

Previews of Comp Card Shoot Hailee Harris

Images below is a set of unedited proofs of the first look of Hailee's Comp Card Shoot beginning of December with temperatures in the lower 40F's

Industry standard compcards are 5.5 x 8.5 (no exceptions). Do not try to print them yourself or order them in 5 x 7 as some print shops advertise to save them or yourself money. This would NOT be Industry standard and look very unprofessional.

Comp cards offered here are double sided, full color printed on thick cardstock (not thin filmsy paper) printed by a professional print shop. Default layout includes a full bleed headshot on front page and 5 images on back page. Other layouts can be arranged. After order has been submitted to the print shop a print proof will usually be provided within 24 hrs which will have to be approved by the customer. 2 day or overnight shipping can be arranged. 

Interested in Headshot Cards

If you are an actor you may be looking for headshot cards. Industry standard cards 8x10 with or without printed resume on the back can be ordered. See details on scheduling your headshot card shoot here

When shooting your Comp Card digital headshots will be included that can be used to print your headshot cards.

Model and Talent Agencies

Keeping the Comp Cards in your drawer doesn't help. Send them out. Below is an 'incomplete' list of legit agencies. Send your comp cards together with a resume to these agencies, and bring them with you at castings and auditions together with your portfolio lookbooks (contact me to work on your looksbooks)